Gungho Paintball

Private Booking

Looking for an awesome Paintball party for kids and adults in Grahamstown? You have definitely come to the right place.

If you want a private paintball booking, please read everything below...

Last updated 3 April 2017



Step 2 : Decide on a day and time slot you'd like to book. Decide how many people you're going to invite. Familiarize yourself with the different packages available (Scroll down) and Whatsapp 084 446 2426

Step 3 : Call/Whatsapp us on 084 446 2426 if you have any unanswered questions, or need to make special arrangements.

  • The Paintball Field is open for bookings at the following times
  • Saturday : 10 am - 1 pm : By special arrangement only
  • Saturday : 2pm - 5pm : Always - Please Whatsapp to Book
  • Sunday : 10 am - 1pm : Always - Please Whatsapp to Book
  • Sunday : 2pm - 5pm : Always - Please Whatsapp to Book


Step 1 : NO BOOKING IS CONFIRMED UNLESS THE DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. No one can leave the booking without paying for all the players who arrived.

Step 2 : The DEPOSIT must be paid NO LATER THAN the Thursday before your booking to confirm.

2.1 You can pay via :

  • EFT - We will whatsapp you bank details. We will never provide you with bank details on the website, or ask you to pay via a payment gateway. Email proof of payment to paintball @ (remove the spaces)
  • CASH/CARD. Please stop by Gungho Bikes, 2 Cuyler Street, Grahamstown to pay.

2.2 What if?

  • More people arrived than were booked for - you can pay via cash or card at the start of the booking.
  • Less people arrived than were booked for - we will refund you at the start of the booking.
  • Less than 10 people arrive - we have a minimum of 10 players rule. If less than 10 arrive, you will still be charged for 10 players, and the extra paintballs will be shared out among those that did arrive.

2.3 Please contact us if there is a special circumstance. We do try our best to accommodate.


Should the weather be foul and unsafe to play in, we will offer to postpone your booking or refund you your money in full.

Should you arrive with less than 10 people, we will refund you the money you have paid over the 10 people base fee.

You can postpone to another weekend if people drop you.

Should you cancel, not pitch up, or otherwise drop us, we will refund your money minus a R250 cancellation fee.


Step 1 : Get commitments from your guests so you're not dropped at the last minute. In certain cases, we recommend collecting the money from them in advance, so you have something to hold over them. ;-)

Step 2 : Make sure you and your guests are familiar with our Basic Rules, Tips and Booking Plan.

Step 3 : Remember that the only stupid question is an unasked question. We are always willing to answer any question, even if we've heard it a thousand times before. Rather have clarity, than misunderstand.


Step 1: DON'T arrive early.

Step 2: How your booking is broken up, roughly. It's more like a guideline than a strict schedule.

  • 0:00 - Booking Starts 10am/2pm: We get everyone into their jackets/overalls and get their masks fitted, give them time to calm down from the excitement a bit, wait for any late comers
  • 0:20 - Safety Speech, Getting their markers and paintballs
  • 0:30 - First Game (50 paintballs each) - Always in the tyre field so we can make sure they're following the rules and keeping their masks on.
  • Break
  • 1:00 - Second Game in tyres (50 paintballs each) or First game in Bush field (50/100 paintballs each)
  • Break for snacks and things
  • 1:30 - Third game (bush or tyres decided by birthday boy or vote) (50/100 paintballs each)
  • Break / END of Base Package Booking / END of Std Package Bigger Games
  • 2:00 - Fourth Game (vote) (50/100 paintballs each)
  • Break
  • 2.30 - Fifth Game (tyres) (50/100 paintballs each)
  • END of Std and Ninja Booking

Discount Days

** Discount Days are currently on hold until further notice **

Discount Days are our monthly open games where people who don't have a big enough group for a private booking can join us and all play together. You can meet new people, have a blast and spend 3 hours being awesome for a greatly discounted rate.

Just sign-up for the newsletter so you can get updates about the games. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please remember to activate your subscription when you receive it in your email box (and always check your junk mail if you haven't received it). You can use any email address.

You only Pay IF you Play. Paintballs are R15 per 50 and R130 per 500.


Please note all prices include all equipment - masks, chest protectors, jackets or overalls, the paintball marker, hoppers, gas cylinders, our set up area and our time.

Booking lengths vary depending on the number of people and the package bought. You may upgrade the packages during the booking.

Booking Prices:

For bookings of 10 or less people, we have a base fee pricing scheme.

Base - R1000

1200 paintballs shared
2 hour booking

Standard - R1500

2000 paintballs shared
3 hours (usually)

Ninja - R2500

5000 paintballs shared
3 hours (usually)

Please note:

If more than 10 people arrive at your booking, the below per person fees apply. Extra paintballs can be bought at the prices listed further down.

For bookings of 11 or more people, we have a per person fee pricing scheme. Booking lengths will vary.

Base - R100pp

120 paintballs per person
40 paintballs per game
3 games

Standard - R150pp

200 paintballs per person
40 paintballs per game
5 games

Ninja - R250pp

500 paintballs per person
100 paintballs per game
5 games

Please note:

1. These per person packages may be mixed.

2. Should less than 11 people arrive, the above Base Fee applies.

Extra Paintballs:

Extra paintballs are available at R20 per 50 paintballs per person.



The first and most important rule of paintball - NEVER TAKE OFF YOUR MASK! We can't say it enough. Your eyesight is the only thing paintball can damage permanently. Your mask prevents that. We have a 100% safety record in this respect, and we'd like to keep it that way. DON'T TAKE OFF YOUR MASK. We will yell at you. Like you're a two year old. Loudly. Its embarrassing.

2. Have fun with others as you'd have them have fun with you

That may not make a whole lot of sense, but basically, don't come here with the aim of hurting someone. It's not cool. No-one likes to be over-killed, or shot at point blank range, or shot after they've surrendered. We want everyone to leave our field telling everyone they meet what a blast they had - not that some idiot lit them up so badly they're never going to set foot on a paintball field again. And honestly, do you really want to be that idiot? I didn't think so.

3. Preferably, no children under the age of 10

Children under the age of 10 don't usually have the maturity or the attention span to play paintball with the safety level that we like to maintain. We know there are other ranges out there that don't have this rule at all, we just like to warn parents that the age thing can be an issue. That being said, we can make arrangements for special circumstances.

4. Wear sensible shoes and pants

Lets think this one through. Hmm. I'm going to go play paintball, in the bush, with trenches. Let me wear a dress and high heels. Um...NO! Or. Hmm. I've had a late night. I think I'll just wear shorts and go bare foot. Um...NO! People seriously! This is war! Not gym!

5. The paint does wash out

6. Paintball teaches kids to love war

No. It teaches them the benefit of working as a team, thinking strategically, and the dangers of weapons. Plus. Its fun. And a lot less real than any of the first-person shooter PS3 games out there, which encourage your child to murder people. We just encourage them to concentrate, use their hand eye co-ordination, and expect the person they shot in this game to be after them in the next...

7. Alcohol and Drugs

For your safety and the safety of others, the consumption of alcohol and drugs that may impair your judgement or co-ordination is not allowed before or during your visit. DO NOT bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises. Gungho Paintball reserves the right to eject any player(s) from the field without a refund should we think they may be a danger to themselves or others. We have been down this road, many times. Its not pretty.

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